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Italy meets Spain in an explosive mix

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Innovation, innovation, innovation. That’s what we propose you with our boards ready for any kind of wind and waves!

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    One more beer
    Italy: our engineers and factory knows how to eat good and how to produce the best boards and foils ever

    Our factory is producing surf boards, windsurf and kite boards for more then 27 years creating happy clients all around Europe and since a few years we discovered the fantastic world of wing surf and foiling, and there is where we put all our engineers and R&D. To CREATE A BETTER BOARD. A board that permits you to have fun in all kind of conditions. A light board that permits you to reach the spot without any efforts. A board that will not empty your wallet, so that you will still have money for a couple of beers with friends after the session to tell them how easy, fast and fun it is!   

    Customize your boards

    Our X wing models are 2 at the moment, but what we want is to be able to produce the board that you need! So if you are a pro or an advanced wing boarder, just tell us your measures and we will produce the board you need! Our task is to make you have fun and happy! Please contact us whenever you want

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    Surf sold last Year
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    Hosts slept in SURFtoLIVE houses last year
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    Surfers Served Around The World

    60,000 + Happy Customer

    If we sum the strenght of our team, we make lot of people happy with our boards and our camps around Europe. And that make us feel really good!

    3 Awards Won

    With SURFtoLIVE we won prestigious awards as best surfhouse, best team and best marketing campaing in 2010.

    27 Years of Experiences

    We started the preduction of our board in the Grandma's garage when we were young, and there is where our wonderful adventure started!

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